Palli Shishu Foundation (PSF) is a non profit, non political, independent and voluntary organization established in 1976 that provides primary health service, legal aid and income-generating programs to the least advantaged population of Bangladesh in order to improve their quality of lives.

PSF has been rendering preventive and curative health services to the children, mothers and families for about three decades. The organization entered in the USAID assistance through Asia Foundation in 1982 and is delivering health and family planning services at the community level from then without any interruption.

In addition to the health program, PSF plays active role in the other development areas like legal aid and micro credit. PSF implemented legal aid program to support the rural poor of the country during 1993-1999. Its micro credit program initiated in 1995 in collaboration with PKSF and ASA and estimated amount of Tk. 28 million is being revolved now in 10 operational units across the country. PSF is providing training to the Village Health Workers and Rural Medical Practitioners i.e. village doctors who are playing pivotal role in providing health care services to the rural community of the country.

In line with PSF constitution, there are 104 members of general council and 18 members of the Executive Committee, which led by the President and the Secretary General. All of the members of the general council and executive committee are providing their voluntary services to the organization.


PSF is registered as a joint stock company on December 12, 1978 under Societies Registration Act, XXI of 1960 and under the foreign donation (Voluntary Activities) regulation ordinance rules of 1980 having registration No. DSW/FDO/ R-011, dated April 22, 1981.

Family Planning Registration from the Directorate of Family Planning of the Government bearing No. 34/1982.

Tax Identification Number (TIN) of PSF is 142-400-9097.

Central Office: Up to 3rd Floor completed
Rural Center: 45 Constructed Centers



PSF constitution provides for a 104 members general council and an 18 members Executive Committee, which led by the President and the Secretary General.

Palli Shishu Bangladesh of is a clear documented organizational vision and mission (we have mentioned in above). It has significant community contribution and strong leadership in its management board. The Central Executive Committee is elected bi-annually with representations from the Local Clinic Management Committee (LCMC), which exits in all over Bangladesh.

Structure of the Executive Committee:

The Executive Committee consists of 10 Office Bearers and 08 other Members which are as follows:

No. of EC members : 18

Mode of selection of EC member:

Five members of the Executive Committee are selected from amongst the Founder-members or their nominees. Seven members from patrons and life members including the President and General Secretary of the previous Executive Committee, if not reelected and rest of the 5 members are selected one each from amongst nominees of 5 (five) clinics adjudged best by the Executive Committee.

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