PSF Vision:

Improved public health status, livelihoods and physical living conditions of least advantaged Bangladeshi population.

PSF Mission:

Palli Shishu Foundation of Bangladesh (PSFB) is non-profit, non-political, independent, national, voluntary association that provides primary health service, legal aid and income-generating programs to least advantaged customers through its facility based services in order to improve quality of life and living conditions in Bangladesh.

Core Values:

Palli Shishu Foundation (PSF) works to serve the community- without discrimination. Its work is based in the following core values.


Our employees and Stakeholders play an active part in planning and decision-making.


We affirm the dignity, potential and contribution of participants, development partners and stakeholders.


We constantly challenge ourselves to higher levels of performance to achieve greater achievement.


We are guided only by PSF’s work philosophy and governance mechanisms.


All actions and decisions will be taken within the law of the land and in accordance with moral principle and transparency.


We are committed to work as a team.


We are committed to quality work and assume personal responsibility for our action.


We promote cost- effectiveness, accountability, transparency to achieve organizational Sustainability.


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