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In early seventies, Prof. Dr. Tofayel Ahmed, a relentless activist for the cause of the children in Bangladesh spun a new concept “Child care is an integral part of the community development and participation”. The constitution of the Palli Shishu Foundation of Bangladesh and establishment of Dhaka Shishu Hospital more than three decades back, are the twin offspring of this concept. The Palli Shishu Foundation of Bangladesh (PSF), a national non-government organization established in March 13, 1976 by a group of 11 social workers with a common interest to provide training and logistics support services to the self started Rural Palli Shishu Clinic. PSF works for the human and socio-economic development of the distressed people particularly of the women and children of rural Bangladesh.

During last 31 years, awareness about child care has been created all over the country and Palli Shishu Foundation’s activities gathered momentum. PSF has long experience in rural setting induces to add to activities a few new elements, prominent of which are protect of legal rights of the needy, empowerment of women, Food security and Nutrition Program, Palli Shishu Smiling Sun Franchise Program And Micro Credit facility as measure towards poverty alleviation.


Professor Dr. Tofael Ahamed
Founder President of PSF


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